Ten Ten

Pioneering Independent Living through Housing and Services since 1975

Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. is proud to maintain support from our funders at Manitoba Housing for our buildings and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority for our services. The funding from Manitoba Housing not only supports some of our staffing, but also enables us to keep our buildings affordable, in working order, and properly maintained. Funding from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority facilitates staffing, including attendant and resource support services for our tenants.

Since Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. opened in 1975, a number of housing options have been developed to meet the needs of adults living with physical disabilities. There is, however, a need to continue working to develop a variety of community-based housing models to ensure that all Manitobans living with physical disabilities have suitable housing options available within the community.

Major initiatives by Ten Ten have helped establish further partnerships with Manitoba Housing, Brydges Property Management, Marwest Management, Crystal Properties, and other community advocates to create Fokus and Cluster Housing locations throughout Winnipeg. We are also still pushing for continual progress in accessible independent living so as to not slow the tide of advancement that has been made in Manitoba. Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. regularly shares its knowledge in Universal Design and independent living with other housing providers, like-minded organizations, and advocates to build knowledge capacity in our community.

Ten Ten has also forged an ongoing relationship with the Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA). Through this connection, we are able to share MNPHA’s important knowledge with other housing providers, stay current and learn from their experiences, and position ourselves for new partnerships and housing strategies.