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For further information about the Fokus units, please contact our Main Office at 204-339-9268 ext. 0. We can also be reached by email at info@tenten.mb.ca. You can also access the Fokus Housing application below.

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What is Fokus Housing and Services?

Fokus Housing and Services is based upon a Swedish concept that facilitates individuals living with physical disabilities to live in the community by providing wheelchair accessible suites with onsite shared attendant care services, housekeeping, and meal preparation.  This approach to community living is designed for those individuals who have the capacity to govern their own affairs and who wish to be involved in the management of the Fokus system.

Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.’s first Fokus unit was established in 1978.  There are currently four units in operation throughout Winnipeg.  All units are conveniently located near shopping centers, as well as transportation services and other conveniences.

Fokus Housing is managed by the Fokus Council, which is made up of Fokus unit representatives and is a Standing Committee of the Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. Board.  In addition, each Fokus location has a selection committee which includes the tenants who live in the building, ensuring that tenants have the opportunity to contribute to the operation of the buildings they live in.  While the structure of each unit is the same, tenant participation results in the development of unit policies, creating a unique character at each location.


Fokus Philosophy

Fokus Housing represents the beliefs and views of individuals committed to a common goal and prepared to contribute to its maintenance on an ongoing basis.  The goal incorporates the belief that every individual has a right to self-control, a free and independent lifestyle, self-management, and the exercising of rights and responsibilities inherent to every Canadian Citizen.

The aim of Fokus Housing is the community integration of individuals living with a physical disability, with a demonstrated capacity to govern their own affairs, through the creation of suitable, integrated living environments.  The two principle components necessary to achieve this goal are permanent housing and permanent, shared support services.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants for entrance to Fokus Housing will be accepted on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older, and be legally responsible for themselves.
  2. Must have the ability to pay rent and meet lease conditions.
  3. Must have a physical disability which requires the use of Fokus Housing attendant services.
  4. Must be eligible to receive financial support for attendant services from the Home Care Branch.
  5. Must require an apartment unit with a physically accessible design.
  6. Must understand, accept and abide by the FH philosophy and goals.
  7. Must have demonstrated understanding, interest and willingness to participate cooperatively in the process of shared attendant services based upon available unit resources.
  8. Must have demonstrated the ability to take responsibility for an independent lifestyle.
  9. Must demonstrate the ability to manage personal, financial, vocational/avocational, health, leisure and household matters.
  10. Must demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and appropriately.
  11. Must demonstrate the ability to train and direct staff on an ongoing basis.
  12. Must have the ability to maintain an appropriate employer/employee relationship.
  13. Must demonstrate interests and pursuits which actively involve the individual in the broader community.
  14. Must be prepared to contribute to the maintenance of FH as an organization.
  15. Must be prepared to enter into a signed contract.
  16. The tenant recognizes that the apartment and the attendant care services are attached.  Should the tenant no longer wish to receive services from Fokus, they must vacate the suite.

To learn more about Fokus Housing and Services, including entrance requirements and how to apply, please contact Heather Korol at 204-339-9268 ext. 231 or our Main Office at 204-339-9268 ext. 0. We can also be reached by email at info@tenten.mb.ca