Ten Ten

Pioneering Independent Living through Housing and Services since 1975


Our Mission Statement

Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. promotes, develops and administers affordable housing and support services in accordance with the independent living philosophy for persons with physical disability who seek knowledge and skills to live independently.

We provide services for persons living with physical disability, including persons with physical disability who experience additional challenges such as mental health, addiction(s), or cognitive, who wish to develop the skills necessary to live independently in the community.

The following values guide the organization and its services:

A commitment to high consumer involvement in the Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. organization.
A commitment to consumer control over their living situation, including a commitment to consumers assuming responsibility for decision making with all the associated risks and responsibilities.
A commitment to experiential learning.
A commitment to integrated community living.
A commitment to consumers maximizing their potential in independent living.
A commitment to collaboration and partnerships with community organizations.

Our Mandate

Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. fulfills its mandate in the following ways:

  • By providing an accessible apartment complex, transitional in nature, at 1010 Sinclair Street.
  • By providing opportunities for people with physical disabilities to develop the skills required to function independently in an integrated community setting.
  • Supportive counselling and direct assistance focused towards the
    development of:

    • Maximum physical independence
    • Consumers assuming maximum control over their environment and services
    • Personal and household management skills
    • Social skills geared towards community integration
    • Awareness of the supportive services available
  • By participating in the development of appropriate housing models to
    facilitate independent living for people with physical disabilities.
  • To develop and promote independent living housing models and support services in the community.