While living at 1010 Sinclair St. you are a tenant and you will have the same rights, responsibilities and risks, as tenants in any apartment building.  However, in addition you must agree to comply with the terms of a contract that outlines the purpose, conditions and length of tenancy.

The program at 1010 Sinclair St. is referred to as the “Learning Through Living” Program.  Support is available in the following areas:

  • Home management skills such as meal management, money management, apartment management.
  • Personal management skills such as health management, time management, leisure pursuits.
  • Directing personal assistance staff and learning to manage in a shared attendant model.
  • Assessing needs and obtaining equipment or self-help devices.
  • Decision making, problem solving, planning and organizing skills, judgment.
  • Knowledge of community, communication and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Adjustment to disability
  • Consumer skills
  • Obtaining alternate housing and supports after Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.

This program is “Tenant Directed”.   This means that you, the tenant, decide what you want to accomplish and what kind of support you need to achieve your goals.

Staff are available to answer your questions, provide information, help you with skill development or to support you in identifying what choices are available to you.  Often, it is up to you to contact Resource Staff to let them know what you want or need.

We use a “Learning Through Living” approach in providing support to help you deal with the concerns you face in everyday living.  We do not have classes or lesson plans.  Our method of working with you is based directly on your needs, abilities and wants.

An important aspect of the “Learning Through Living” approach is that you will be responsible for making your own choices and then experiencing the results of those choices.  While we may discuss with you what might occur when you make certain choices, we will not prevent you from making those choices.

Your learning experience with Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. is only as structured as you want it to be.  In other words you have the option of weekly meeting with staff but, also the option of contacting staff when you need information or assistance.  Much of the learning occurs on an informal basis as you go about your daily business and interact with others.

Learning also occurs through your own experimentation and experience.  We encourage you to participate in activities and organizations outside of 1010 Sinclair St. which may involve learning or fun, or both.


The “Learning Through Living” Program consists of 3 types of program service:

  1. Short Term Assessment:

Short Term Assessment is focused on evaluating your present knowledge and skills and your capacity to learn the skills necessary for independent living.  You and the staff work together to complete the evaluation process.  The assessment may include for example, assessing needs and obtaining equipment or self-help devices, directing personal assistance staff, home management skills, etc.

Note:  Before you are approved for Short Term Assessment, you are required to have accommodations available to you for the period immediately following your tenancy.  This is because the limited nature of the assessment does not provide sufficient time for you to find housing.

  1. Regular Tenancy:

Regular Tenancy is focused on activities necessary for skills development and acquiring knowledge and resources including: home management skills, knowledge of community, communication and conflict-resolution skills, personal management skills, obtaining alternate housing and supports after living at 1010 Sinclair St. etc.

  1. Specified/Limited Status Contracts:

These contracts can be arranged to accommodate unusual sets of circumstances, which cannot be addressed by short-term assessment or regular tenancy.


As preparation for community living is the purpose of the “Learning Through Living” Program, exit is a goal, which is kept in mind at all times.  Transition from 1010 Sinclair St. will be considered when you have achieved your goals or have had adequate opportunity to achieve them.  Factors to be considered when deciding that you are ready for exit are:

  • That Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. staff and other resources have been available to supply information and assistance to assist with goal development.
  • That you have had opportunity to practice independent living skills.
  • You are aware of what resources are needed for desired independence in the community and you know how to obtain these resources.
  • That suitable alternate accommodations have been investigated and that you have had the opportunity to check and compare preferences.


The “Learning Through Living” Program offers the following four tenant support services: Resource Service, Attendant Services, Housekeeping Services and Housing Services.

  1. Resource Services:

Two Tenant Development Coordinators and a Tenant Development Assistant are available to you.  Generally called the Resource Staff, their role is to act as consultants to you on all aspects of daily living.  They provide information about management and community resources as well as assist with skill development when requested.

  1. Attendant Services:

Attendant services are provided by a staff compliment that is oriented to their duties by other experienced staff and tenants.  Your attendant services are shared, in that they are scheduled based on the needs of all tenants requiring services. 
Their role is to provide physical assistance for those tasks that you are unable to perform yourself.  This component is also “tenant directed” as you are required to instruct staff as to when and how to perform the tasks they are doing for you.

They provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Personal Assistance: transfers, hygiene, passive range of motion, grooming, bowel and bladder, meals & clean up, bathing, dressing, feeding and standard maintenance of personal equipment.
  • Daily Home Maintenance Assistance: laundry, sweeping, floors, making beds, cleaning spills, organizing room & paper, opening mail, taking out garbage.
  • Non-daily Personal Management Assistance:  includes but is not limited to, minor wheelchair maintenance, watering plants, putting groceries or personal supplies away.
  1. Housekeeping Services:

Housekeeping services are provided to you on a weekly basis for those tasks that you are unable to perform.

  1. Housing Services:

The Housing Coordinator will be available to work with you as well as any other supports you would like in exploring housing options, providing information about housing and working with groups to develop new housing options.


If you think the “Learning Through Living” Program might be something that you could benefit from or if you have further questions that you would like to find out, please contact one of our two Tenant Development Coordinators to learn more.  We encourage anyone who is interested in applying to contact one of our Tenant Development Coordinators to arrange an appointment to come to 1010 Sinclair St. for a tour and to receive an application.  Here is how to contact them:

Cyndi Padoan
Tenant Development Coordinator
Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.
1010 Sinclair Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2V 3H7
Tel: 204-339-9268 extension 228
Fax 204-663-1016
E-Mail: CPadoan@tenten.mb.ca
Cara Nightingale
Tenant Development Coordinator
Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.
1010 Sinclair Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 3H7
Tel: 204-339-9268 extension 245
Fax: 204-663-1016
E-Mail: cnightingale@tenten.mb.ca