PLACE BERTRAND– 396 Bertrand Street

The Place Bertrand Housing Initiative is a universally designed affordable housing initiative in Winnipeg which was completed in 2008 and is managed with support from Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.  This specific housing initiative has an award winning design with universal accessibility as its key concept to promote an integrated community which is inclusive for all tenants.  The initiative has 20 units geared to low and medium income households and it was constructed with a few different bungalow style layout options available.

Place Bertrand has:
4– One Bedroom Bungalow Units
10– Two Bedroom Bungalow Units
6–  Three Bedroom Bungalow Units

If you are interested in further details on Place Bertrand Housing Inc. or on how to apply for tenancy, please contact our Housing Coordinator at 204-339-9268 ext.232 or our Main Office at 204-339-9268 ext.0.  We can also be reached by email at
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