The History of Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.
In the early 1970's community agencies and many individuals began to voice their concerns regarding the amount of adequate housing that was available and accessible to young persons living with physical disabilities. At that time many young Manitobans, who were living with physical disabilities, were living either in personal care homes, room and board situations or with their parents.  These living environments limited an individual’s ability to plan and to take control over their own life.

As a result Luther Home Corporation, the Manitoba Division of the Canadian Paraplegic Association, interested individuals and other community groups joined together to explore the housing models which would meet the needs they had identified. The outcome was the formation of 1010 Sinclair Street, an apartment building designed to meet the needs of individuals searching for accessible housing. Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. opened in July of 1975.

Consideration was given to whether the housing should be permanent or interim. The Planning Committee decided at that time to opt for transitional housing as it would ensure that the resources of Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. would be available to the largest number of Manitobans.

The early planners of 1010 Sinclair Street wished to ensure that Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. as an organization would be flexible in response to changing tenant and community needs.  This concept of adaptation to change has been reflected in the ongoing development in the administration of the organization.

In many ways Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. has been the driving force in the development of community housing available to Manitobans living with physical disabilities.  Since 1975, a number of housing options have been developed specifically to be able to meet the needs of younger adults living with physical disabilities. There is now accessible and affordable housing available within both the public and private housing sectors of Manitoba.  As well, there are housing options available for individuals who require twenty-four hour attendant care services. There is, however, a need to continue working to develop a variety of community based housing models to ensure that all Manitobans living with physical disabilities have suitable housing options available within the community.

Our Board of Directors
A non-profit community board has been charged with the responsibility of overseeing the administration of the funding and services of Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.  The "Board" is not involved in the day-to-day administration but rather participates by establishing policies for the organization and ensuring that Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. is meeting its’ goals and objectives.

Due to the variety of issues and number of responsibilities of the Board, a large amount of the work is carried out by committees who make recommendations to the Board.

Every year at the Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. Annual General Meeting, 12 to 18 Board members are elected by the membership of Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.  The by-laws of Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. stipulate that the Board of Directors shall be composed of:

  • 1/3 Tenant representatives who are nominated by the Tenants' Association;
  • 1/3 Manitoba Housing representatives appointed by the Minister of Housing;
  • 1/3 representatives from the community at large.

Membership in Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. is open to anyone who supports the goals and philosophy of Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. Members receive annual reports and are entitled to vote at annual meetings.  There is a minimal fee to join and all tenants are encouraged to become members.

Our Present Day and Looking to the Future

These days at Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. we are still going strong and we continue to build upon a number of milestones achieved in making available housing and services to individuals living with disabilities.  We are also still pushing for continual progress within these areas so as to not slow the tide of advancement that has been made in Manitoba.

We maintain partnerships and support with many likeminded organizations.  In regards to funding for Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. we are proud to maintain support from our funders at Manitoba Housing for our buildings and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority for our services.

If anyone is interested in supporting our organization through becoming a member or donating to Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. we are also a registered charity.  Please contact our main office and we would be happy to provide more details:

Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc.
1010 Sinclair St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2V 3H7
Telephone: 204-339-9268
Fax: 204-663-1016
Email: info@tenten.mb.ca